What You Need To Know About The Medicine You Will Take


Are you sick? One of the things people do is to take over the counter medicines to treat their condition. Sure, if their condition is not as serious, self treatment is okay, but if their sickness is more than just a headache then it is time to turn to a doctor.

Needless to say, apart from a good rest and healthy food, taking over the counter medicine is another solution. But, with the many over the counter medicines out there made to treat headaches, or any other conditions, which do you think you can take to be healed?

Things You Need To Know About The Medicine You Will Take

Dr Johan Blickman, a pediatric radiologist, would recommend you to consult a doctor for a long haul headache, but if the headache is minor, sleep and a good medicine can be good enough.

Before you get so excited about taking any medicine, there are many things you need to know about it first. Just to help you scoring the best medicine to purchase, might as well consider the following:

Side effects

Find a medicine that offers no side effects. There are certain medicines that are so strong that it impacts your other organs, particularly your kidney. You do not want your minor sickness to get healed in exchange of a serious medical issue, right?

Also, you need to know the medicine’s side effects, like, will it cause you major headaches? Vomiting? Etc. The lesser the side effects, the better.

You are currently feeling sick, and another sickness because of the medicine’s side effect will just worsen your situation.

Expiration date

What is the medicine’s expiration date? If you are planning to buy medicines in bulk, it is best if you know their lifespan. You would not want to stock too many painkillers and throw them away after a few weeks, because they are already expired.

The longer the lifespan of the medicine, the more recommended it is for you to buy them.

If you are planning to buy medicines online, if the description of their products do not include expiry dates, you need to call them to ask about it.


What is the best way to store the medicine? One of the reasons why medicines lose their effectiveness even before the expiration date is that they are stored wrongfully. Storing the medicine should be done exactly as the manufacturer prescribes.

Most of the time though, manufacturers suggest cool and dry places, but to make sure you won’t get wrong, read the medicine’s inserts or labels.

Proper dosage

What is the proper dosage to take? Different age brackets may have different dosage suggestions. If you do not want to experience overdose, it is strongly recommended that you follow exactly what is written on the label.

Going over or under the right dosage won’t help you, instead it may worsen your situation.

Reading the tips can help you get exactly what you need from the medicine, hence, best to consider and follow.

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