Tips When Taking Medicines


Do you have maintenance medicines already? Or are you sick and would like to get better soon by taking over the counter medicines? Dr Johan Blickman, one of the most prominent pediatric radiologists as of date, gives his patients medicines because he knows it can help them get better.

Whether you are taking maintenance medicines or just temporary or for a short period of time, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Take your medicine at the same time

As much as possible, it is recommended that you take your medicine at the same time to achieve its full potential. Let your body absorb the medicine right before taking the next and at the same time, do not wait too long for the next pill.

Tie your medication to something you do on a daily or regular basis

To make sure you remember, tie the time you are taking your medicine to something you do regularly, like getting ready to sleep, brushing teeth, and so forth.

Check the label of your medicines all the time

Before taking any pill, you have to check on its label. Check on the medicine’s expiration date and make sure that it is still in its best condition before taking it.

Some are careless about the expiration date, little they know that medicine’s lives are not forever.

Also, there are medicines that should be consumed immediately when opened, you have to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer and make sure to comply with them.

For expiration dates, you can have a book where all expiration dates of your medicines in your medical box are noted so when the label fades, you have a record.

Use pill containers

If you have so many pills to take, it is strongly recommended that you use pill containers. Buy a container that has different sections for morning, afternoon and evening. The more organized your medicine box is, the more smooth and steady you can take your medicines when needed.

Make sure to refill it every week, and if you are going out for a trip, bring it with you.

Bring enough medicines when traveling

When going out for a holiday, make sure that you have all the medicines you need packed. You would not want to take the risk of buying the medicine to where you plan to go, as not all the time your medicine is available everywhere.

Bringing enough medicine is a good way to ensure that you have something to take when necessary. Medicines to bring are not limited to just your maintenance but also the medicines you drink for pain, flu and the like.

Use your phone calendar as a reminder

If you are always forgetting, it is strongly recommended that you use the calendar of your phone as a reminder. Your phone alarm can help you be reminded when it is time to take your pill. If you are just at home, putting your phone to its loudest volume is a good idea. 

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