Questions To Ask A Physician Before Taking Their Prescription


If you are planning to go to a doctor, like if your child is sick and you think they need to get tested, choosing the right doctor is a must. For instance, Dr Johan Blickman, is one of the most trusted pediatric radiologists as of date, and seeking help from him if you want to get the most accurate laboratory reading for your child is a must.

But of course, when dealing with doctors, asking questions is a must. You have to ask your doctors as many relevant questions as you can.

If they gave you a prescription, you need to make sure that you ask all questions about it before taking a dose, or else, you might not get the result you want from it.

Some are hesitant to ask questions as they feel like it will make them look dumb, actually it won’t, provided that you know the right questions to ask.

Just to help you formulate questions, you can start with the following:

What happens if I do not take the medicine on time?

The rule is for you to follow exactly what the doctor asks you to do. But just in case you forget or you do not have the money to buy them, asking what you will get if you do not take it, is a must. This is not to threaten you but to remind you of how important the medicine is.

You may want to know the need of taking the medicine, so you have an idea if you can still delay it or you need to find ways to buy it today.

Is this your only option?

If you hate taking medicines, asking if this is your only option is a good idea. Like if you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, is taking maintenance your only option? Maybe you can lower down your sugar level by losing weight, increasing your day to day activities or reducing the amount of carbs you eat.

Of course, it is always best to treat yourself naturally than to take medicines that are not only expensive but may also cause damage to your organs.

What are the risks of taking the drugs?

Apart from the benefits, you have to ask your doctor about the possible risk of taking the drug. Will you lose weight from it, will you gain weight, will you feel sleepy or tired, etc. As someone who wants to set their expectations would ask not just the good things but the bad things of taking the drug.

How usual is the allergic reaction?

Most of the time, your doctors would ask if you are allergic to a certain ingredient before prescribing you a medicine. Doctors will only prescribe medicines that you are not allergic to, so make sure that you tell them about it.

How long do you need to take the drugs?

How long do you need to take the medicine to see its effects? Most of the time it only takes a few days, but for certain conditions, medicines should be treated as a supplement or maintenance. 

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