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This website is available to provide information about Dr. Johan Blickman and his medical writing contributions throughout the year.  Here you will find bio information and professional history of Dr. Blickman, blog articles regarding medicine, and links to the writing that has been published by Dr. Blickman throughout the years.

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Anyone who has an interest in radiology and medicine should find valuable information throughout the site and links to resources of medical writing by Dr. Johan Blickman throughout his 30 year career as a radiologist, professor, and author. Johan currently resides in Hingham, MA, grew up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and received his M.D. from Boston University. To learn more about Dr. Blickman, you can click on the About Page to find a full bio and history, or click on the Contact Tab in order to get in touch.


Dr Johan Blickman

dr johan blickman

Hingham, Massachusetts Medical Doctor & Radiologist

Dr. Blickman is an accomplished radiologist who has spent over 30 years practicing and as a professor.  Dr. Blickman is considered an industry expert in Pediatric Radiology.  Furthermore, he is a distinguished medical author who has been published many times throughout his career.


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Dr. Blickman has had a successful career of over 30 years in medicine, as a radiologist and a university professor.  He has been booked all over the world to speak on radiology, and has been published across many different medical journals and publications.  If you would like to learn more about medicine, you can follow Dr. Blickman on social media, check out our Blog section, or follow any of the links to the many resources of his published works.

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Johan has years worth of published materials throughout his career across a wide range of medical publications.  Is writing is highly respected in the medical field, and in particular, radiology.  His works have been pioneering in the field, and his writings are well known by scholars.  Along with his writings, he has been asked to speak at many events across the United States and his home country of The Netherlands.


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Dr. Johan Blickman has had a long and successful career in medicine, and loves networking with other medical professionals and colleagues.  If you would like to get in touch with Dr. Blickman for business opportunities, or to book Dr. Blickman for a writing or speaking project, feel free to reach out using the  form on the Contact Page, and he will get back to you shortly.


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